Praise & Kudos

Here's what readers are saying about The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness:

"In mercifully clear language that avoids all the usual psychobabble, Dr. Rossiter's book dissects the minds of liberals, leaving no question about the pathology that drives their behavior. An amazing and illuminating read!"
--- Joan Swirsky, New York-based journalist and author

"Dr. Rossiter's The Liberal Mind is an engaging, easy-to-read analysis on American liberalism. A degree in psychology is not required, and the book itself could very well be of more value to the politically inclined than to psychologists.

Dr. Rossiter, with simple and cogent arguments, demonstrates why liberals believe what they do, and why those beliefs handicap society and oppose individual freedom and stunt individual growth.

If you read one book this year, it should be the Liberal Mind. It is a must-read for every citizen of a Western democracy. Dr. Rossiter is a powerful ally of freedom, a deadly enemy of liberalism, and on the same level as Allan Bloom and Isaiah Berlin."
--- John Scott, CEO V7 Inc

"I congratulate you on your seminal work. I consider it a book of great distinction. You are doing a great service for your fellow man."
--- John Kollias, San Antonio, TX

"Just finished THE BOOK. I am totally amazed. I have been trying to understand the great divide and inability to understand my liberal 'friends." I am now in a much better stance to see the problem. Thank you and congratulations on this masterpiece of hard labor. I hope it hits the bookstores and causes the upheaval that it needs to do. Again, thank you and keep up the process of informing us.
--- Alan C., California

"I just finished reading your wonderful book! I enormously enjoyed it. Thanks for the insights!"
--- C.T., Athens, Greece

"Wow! Well done! I have never heard liberalism so aptly described! Kudos to you, Dr. Rossiter!!!"
--- jbz, Long Island, NY

"My Lord are you brilliant as you succinctly summarize the victimhood mentality of the Left! Unfortunately, no one on the Left knows any numbers, any facts, or anything about Economics, Business, History, or human nature to fully understand what you're addressing."
--- John N., Milwaukee, WI

"This is a brilliant piece! You've gathered all of my disjointed observations over the years into a coherent explanation. It rings true at so many levels! Thank you and please keep writing!"
--- Jerry M., Flemington, NJ

"Excellent column! Should be required reading by our congress, judiciary, the press and, yes, the totally inept White House ('cept maybe for Tony Snow, who never should've agreed to taking that thankless job in the first place). Good work!
--- Email

"I appreciate great organization of thought and communication and I found
that in your article. Thanks and I hope to read more from you at"
--- C.J., Granbury, TX

"WOW! In one column, you have distilled exactly the Liberal mind-set. I just finished reading this and I am absolutely stunned. I'm about to go to town and run some errands, which will include a trip to the library to order your book. In!"
--- William M., OH

"This is the most articulate explanation of the liberal mind that I've heard. The most compelling definition relates to responsibility. I've long thought that the liberal mind can neither take responsibility nor allow anyone else to take it either. That's why you will never hear a real liberal give an honest answer to a tough question. That is madness in my world. Congratulations! "
--- E.L., Orlando, FL

"It is ironic that, in this age of the superinformation highway, general ignorance in certain subjects critically fundamental to human well-being is arguably at least as great, if not greater, than at any other time in recorded human history. Approximately a dozen books written in the last few hundred years stand well clear of the rest in enlightening and ameliorating that woefully widespread lack of knowledge and its golden offspring, wisdom. By such a standard, Dr. Lyle Rossiter's book abundantly earns its position amongst the select few. The father of medicine, Hippocrates, stated that without a certain knowledge, no doctor has the right to properly call himself a physician. It is the moral duty of rational, responsible people to stay abreast of evolving knowledge relative to their chosen tasks. Those who, in any way, manage human affairs or even just comment upon them, or report on them, and who have not read The Liberal Mind, no longer have a right to claim appropriate competence at what they do. Additionally, persons who, from this day forward, continue to engineer or re-design social affairs without having read and properly embraced the precepts of this timely and enormously important book, must now, without question be recognised as not just woefully ignorant, but truly…..…..mad."
--- Peter Forde, social researcher and writer, Brisbane, Australia

"Thank you for writing one of the best and most coherent descriptions of liberalism. I still remember the ponytail guy at one of the Clinton/Bush debates who asked what they as the "National Father" would do for us. Unfortunately, Bush never questioned the premise and in my opinion lost the debate. Of course, what Bush Sr. should have said is that the President is NOT your father and he should grow up and be an adult, responsible for his own life. Liberals need to grow up and take responsibility for their lives like everybody else. Thanks again for a very insightful article."
--- Hal L. Howell, CPO USN (Ret)

"At last ! A realistic commentary on the real meaning of liberalism in today's society."
-- Jerry M., Email

"Very interesting book, I plan to order it right away. I have been wondering for some time if liberals were suffering from something more serious than just being wrong. It happens that there are at least two articles out right now by liberals stating that conservatives are suffering from a mental condition and one that Pres. Bush is insane. Maybe I'll forward your Townhall column to these folks."
--- David H., Attorney, Ojai, CA

"EXCELLENT! Excellent article that clearly explains this political madness. I only wish it was as clearly understood by Americans that this madness must be cured. I'm a little more hopeful, knowing that others see the problems with liberalism and that I am not alone in my perspective."
--- Mary F., Atlanta, GA

"I've never seen the liberal mind better revealed and presented than in your excerpt. It should be required reading in every university, government workplace, and courtroom. Any person seeking any judicial position should himself be judged on whether he is or is not of that faith. Thanks for a breath of fresh air in these dark days!"
--- Ben L., Bradenton, FL

"I believe that a book such as this, written by a true professional, is long overdue."
--- Robert K., Email

"Thank you for articulating so eloquently the nascent thoughts that have been circulating in my head for so long. As a psychiatrist myself, I have often marveled at the infantile nature of the liberal mindset, but you got it out there in quite a nice way. Gives new credence to the old nickname for the federal government and its welfare programs: "the big tit."
--- Barton Branscum, M.D.

"Congratulations: Massive direct hit on the Nail with eloquent precision from your great Hammer!!!!!!! Obviously you do not suffer from "The Liberal Mind" which attempted to indoctrinate me at Wesleyan University in the 60's and is still out of control in what used to be our finest colleges and universities."
--- C. Byron Smith, M.D. , Email

"Excellent! Superb! You really nailed them."
--- Mitch M., Tucson, AZ

"For years I have been trying to convince my friends there is indeed a whole

psychological disparity between conservatives and liberals. Not just a choice between candidates or issues, but a fundamental mindset difference. In this column, you have captured what I have been screaming from the rooftops about on forums, blogs and in conversation. Thank you so much, your column will be circulated to a whole bunch of folks who just need that little bit of convincing.... and I will probably chuck it out in at least one forum as red meat for the Useful Idiots to begin yet one more collective diatribe about those of us who actually contribute to the country. Thanks again."
--- F.W.S., Oakdale, CA

"Thank you for putting this book together. I've listened a bit to Michael Savage's radio program, and while I think Michael is a bit crazy himself, his thesis that "Liberalism is a mental disorder" has stuck in my mind. With that thought in mind, it started to dawn on me that liberalism is undergirded by a fundamental infantilism that retards personal growth. That said, I greatly appreciate a clinical study of the liberal mindset, and hope to get a copy of your book soon."
---Patrick B., Waco, TX

"I have searching for a book on this precise topic by an author with your credentials for more than 20 years."
--- Jim M., Phoenix, AZ

"That was a GREAT article on the personality dysfunction of the liberal. We need more people like you to help steer this country back on track. Keep up the good work!!!!!
PS: I've always thought that all political ideology is really psychiatric in nature."
--- Daniel M., Email

"PERFECT!!!!! You have summed it up exquisitely. The problem is that these people are putting the lives of logical people in danger...which is downright frightening. Thank you for telling it "like it is!" I have forwarded your message to everyone I know (well, those I can SAFELY send it to, anyway!!!)."
--- J.S., Akron, OH

"Dr. Rossiter, It's scary to think that so many people in the good ole US of A are willing to abdicate personal responsibility in favor a daddy image of government. I can only hope that our conservative representatives will stop pandering to the modern liberal mindlessness that is infecting our society and have the fortitude to tell it like it is as you have done in your poignant assessment. Thank you."
--- Paul S., Email

"Keep up the catalog of woes due to liberal thinking. A good topic would be to look at the impact of this kind of thinking on school age children and the implication on the future of American productivity when a 'majority' of the schools are implanting this 'liberal nonsense'."
--- J.M., Hyatsville, MD

"Dr. Rossiter, thank you. [The excerpt from your book] was the most courageous and truthful article ever printed. There is not enough space here to praise you as I would like. God Bless you, God Bless America."
--- Bob H., Shawnee, KS

"I completely enjoyed your article. Hopefully some-short-for-common-sense
libs will read and learn something. Years ago my parents were dems so I thought like them taking into consideration, the dems were not insane as they are today. Like blogger Mr Lollpop I am a recovering dem. Anyone who doesn't see the difference needs to grow up and face the real world .... More people like you can and do make a difference."
-- Anita, Long Island, NY

"Thank you so much for your book! Having been a psychology major and
ultimately a political science major in my undergraduate years, I have always had some of the same thoughts you express in the Townhall excerpt. I will buy the book for myself, and a few for friends. Thank you so much for your work."
--- Bill G., El Paso, TX

"How wonderfully refreshing... the truth about the whiners/maligniners of the world. Thank you for a sane article on their madness."
--- J.C., Vermont

"KUDOS to you for this great book! Just read your excerpt -- I am going to purchase it today! I believe that you have liberals "pegged." They are a frightening bunch...what will become of our country with THEM in charge? Certainly a might scary thought! Well done on YOUR part!!"
--- Email, South Dakota

"Keep hammering! If its not too late, America might still be saved from the consequences of already too many generations of liberal governance."
--- Email

"Just read the excerpt. I'M BUYING THE BOOK!!!!! THANKS FOR THE WISDOM. I AM GOING TO USE THIS TO LITERALLY PISS OF ANY AND ALL LIBS THAT I COME IN CONTACT WITH (while at least 5 feet away and holding my nose)."
-- Roy A., Email

"The Liberal Mind is a life-changing book!"
---Rob Schilling, Charlottesville, VA